Module Development 2020

       The traditional face-to-face classroom work in our educational system has been halted due to the need to quarantine people at home and prohibit the students to report to school in order to prevent the fast transmission of the novel virus COVID 19. This phenomenon is happening not only in our country but also globally. As of the present moment, no vaccine has been made available to mitigate the worsening situation.

To address these present challenges, educators need to think, research, and plan for new and relevant learning modalities of teaching students while the regular school practices are not yet available to students.

These new and relevant teaching-learning modalities, now called the “new normal” teaching-learning strategies, include distance learning through the modular approach where the students are provided with self-directed modules with less supervision from the significant adults in school, at home, or through the local government units (barangays, learning centers/libraries) in the community. The modules will also include assessment activities to monitor the performance of the students. The online use of technology-based e-books and other e-learning instructional materials can
support learning.

As educational materials provider, New Century Books is obliged to embrace the new normal to sustain our people, our business and help uplift the economy. Nevertheless, we are here to help our educators for the chaos of unexpected requirements, changes and new modalities of teaching considering the time elements to prepare for the opening of classes.

We gathered our team of experts, authors, and writers to collaborate and innovate. With the meet up of brilliant minds, we conceptualized to create the Module Development Team, composed of experts in different subject areas with decades of experienced in teaching.

After few months various modules has been developed and more ongoing development to complete all the subject areas from K-12